Practice Areas

While our focus is on issues which directly affect children, our firm assists our clients with all of the issues which typically arise in a divorce, a modification of a divorce, contempt and child support matters, and adoptions.    In this respect, our practice areas include the following:


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Family Law ---

      Divorce - property division, alimony, child support and custody, division of debt, contempt actions

       Child Support -- we assist clients with child support issues of all types, including obtaining child support orders, collecting child support, and/or defending against child                                support actions.

     Legitimation  -- Many dads do not know that they do not have full rights to their children if they have not filed a petition to legitimate the children.   We assist both mothers                    and fathers with issues relating to legitimation of children.

     Contempt Matters -- We assist our clients in all matters relating to the enforcement of family-related court orders.

Adoptions ---  We represent all parties in adoption matters, whether the adoption is disputed or not.   We perform adoption evaluations for Paulding County Superior Court,                   and we are the official repository for criminal background checks for private adoption cases in Paulding County Superior Court.    

Juvenile Law --  We represent parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or any other parties in Juvenile Court dependency matters.  

Uncontested Divorces --- Our office takes pride in offering efficient, reasonably priced services for individuals who are able to reach an  agreement with their spouses regarding the terms  of their divorce.    In most cases, we are able to draft all of your documents in your meeting with our attorney.   We will then see you through the entire process  -- from communicating with your spouse when necessary to obtain signed settlement documents, to filing all the necessary documents with the Court, and representing you at the hearing when required by the Court.